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Film Industry Combat Training

Learn to fight and shoot like the professionals, including film choreography.



Hand to Hand Combat /
Firearms / Edge Weapons /

Mixed martial arts combined with weapons training. Learn how to defend and attack against multiple opponents.


Culture & History Consulting

Providing Eastern Asia
& Middle East Background Authority



The PSI-OPS martial & combative program is based upon Judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Israeli and Serbian Military hand to hand combat systems. The program is effective at developing users with full spectrum fighting capabilities that enable them to use the same movements and tactical thinking from empty hand to edged weapon and firearms. This program is for Law Enforcement, Military and film industry personnel only.

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Fight Training

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Firearm Training

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Asian & Middle Eastern Culture and Language Consulting

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NameAli Al-azawi
SkillsSkillsBoxing / Wrestling / Street fighting / Kickboxing /
Sword and Knife / Shooting / Stunts

I was born and raised in Iraq. Growing up was quite challenging as war was a part of my daily life. My experiences in Iraq along with my extensive training have given me the knowledge and skills to provide realistic actiing and consulting in movies and t.v.

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NameBobo Yang
CountryRepublic of China
SkillsMartial Arts & Firearms Instructor

BoBo Yang grew up in Taiwan. Descendants of Nationalist government military officers BoBo Yang showed a keen interest in Eastern Asia's politics, history, and military. He has a bachelors degree in History and is currently enrolled as a student for his graduate degree in Intelligence Analysis. He was also a well established military journalist for several Korean, Taiwan and Vancouver publications. BoBo Yang spent 14 years in the Canadian Armed Forces as a combat arms soldier. BoBo Yang served as a Special Ability Performer for many tv shows filmed here in Vancouver.

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    Bobo Yang


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    Ali Al-azawi



Student Testimonials

When Keanu Reeves prepared for John Wick he did not prepare for film and television shooting and hand to hand fighting. He trained as if he was John Wick and what John Wick would do in real life. At PSI-OPS, we will train you as the real deal and provide you with insight from film and television perspectives. You want to learn to drive a tank; we can arrange that. You want to learn room clearing from the best; we can arrange that.

One more thing, we have students here we do not have clients. We see the training as a long term and professional relationship between the instructor and students. We are not just giving you training but a piece of our life.

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Actor / Stunt / Producer

Kyle Strauts

I contracted PSI-OPS for technical support and training on my production with regards to weapon handling and acquiring expertise on firearm operation. Not only did PSI-OP teach our actors how to operate firearms, but he put our actors through specialized tactical movement training and gun drawing techniques. I would recommend this training group to anyone looking to hire an immensely knowledgeable, well-rounded professionals.

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Actor / Stunt

Jennifer Li

I'm fortunate I got to be a student with the PSI-OPS group especially with BoBo. He is a great teacher with in-depth knowledge in what he teaches. He teaches with sincerity, respect, and patience. He communicates well and breaks down each step methodically so that anyone can understand. I would recommend him to anyone interested in learning or furthering their knowledge in firearms and Jiujitsu.

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Patrick Gerber

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the instructor of PSI-OP. My instructor is brutal, caring, and understanding to his students. He has trained me in military combatives for fight choreography. I felt humbled and pushed to my limits while under his tutelage. The instructor has a way of making the most difficult and frustrating exercises fun. Not only has he taught me valuable skills but also instills a positive mindset and motivates me to keep learning.

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Kimmi Alexander

I had have PSI-OP's training service during one of my Indie Project. The instructor BoBo was great at teaching. He pays such attention to detail and cares about the quality of work being done both for the sake of the project and laying a strong foundation for the talent. I would love to work with him again in the future.

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Actor / Producer

Braden Chase

I have taken several of PSI-OPs' tactical firearms courses and have thoroughly enjoyed each lesson as I found them to be great fun and very informative. The instructor is an excellent teacher! He is very knowledgeable and highly skilled when it comes to operating firearms safely and accurately. If you are an actor, stunt actor or just generally interested in firearms, I strongly recommend learning from PSI-OPs. You won't be disappointed!

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Actor / Producer

Kyle Glen

PSI-OPS is great. With their extensive knowledge of firearms and tactical training and the chief instructor's super friendly nature, you can be sure to learn exactly what you need and have fun doing it too. The instructor patiently showed me how to do a 21 gun salute ready for the camera the next day. I would have looked the rest of the fools had it not been for instructors from the PSI-OPS.

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Stunt / SAE / BG

Nicholas Wong

BoBo’s teaching methods are perfect for the beginner to the advanced. He has vast knowledge regarding the operation of firearms and he ensures his students have strong foundations before handling a firearm. He emphasizes on stance, position, and breathing, which are fundamental not only for film purposes but as well for authentic tactical training. He also dives into the mechanics of firearms, piece by piece, and teaches step by step how to clean any firearm.

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